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General info

Date record started :2001-9-9 - 15:32:13 
Date records last updated :2020-7-15 - 11:28:52 
These questions were answered
with the assistance of a doctor (ideal !) :
Tel/Mobile 1st pers. to contact :+32 9876543210 
Tel/Mobile 2nd pers. to contact :+33 9876543212 
Tel/Mobile 3d pers. to contact :+39 123123123 
Tel/Mobile 4th pers. to contact :+450 21212121 
Tel of family doctor/specialist :+32 987654321 
Fax of the family doctor / specialist :mail : 
Year of birth : (year only)1956 
First letter of NAME: (not mandatory)Mona 
First letter of first name : (not mandatory)Lisa 
Sex :
Blood group :AB 
Remarks - insurance :DOSSIER MEDICAL professionnel :
Traducteur GOOGLE :
Contrat universassistance numéro 123456789
contrat bris de vitre numéro
police tout risque
numéro 6574839201
tél assureur :
+32 4498723678


PHR Personnal Health Record